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Cause of damage of buffer roller and assembly procedure
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For the buffer roller of such products, because it itself is a very good toughness, is 10 times of ordinary metal, so is good for the service life of the above, but also has some good characteristics, such as antistatic, corrosion resistance, it is a bit. But in the very great degree above, its performance comparison superiority. The utility model has the advantages of good abrasion resistance, and is made of polymer materials, so the application is very extensive.
However, each product has a useful life, no one product is never damaged. But for roller damage is mainly due to the following aspects. First of all, sometimes because of the dust of the dust, and in some cases it is relatively poor seal, it will produce more or less damage to the bearing. This is one of the most common causes of damage. Secondly, there are other factors, such as the use of said buffer rubber ring of the material are made of recycled rubber, so it largely because of this feature, will lead to the wear resistance is relatively poor, and the elasticity will be relatively poor, so when in use life will be correspondingly shorter. Are generally in 1 years or so, of course, this is the impact is relatively small, if the impact is large enough, then dozens of short days off, so a lot of belt machine now are beginning to use the buffer bed, the buffer bed prices are generally more expensive.
1 roller parts, bearing seat welded on both sides of the cylinder, the use of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding or 1.4mm below the J422 electrode arc welding. The roller and the bearing seat should be cleaned before welding, and the inside of the roller can be antirust paint.
2 assembly, before and after the bearing oil chamber filled with butter, in the sealing groove and bearing the 1/2 space of the lithium based grease.
3 roller roller assembly, under the action of 500N axial pressure, roller axial displacement is not greater than 0.7mm. When the belt speed is less than 3.15m/s, the roller radial runout is less than 0.7mm.
4 roller at the height of 1 meters and vertical drop test, roller parts should meet the following requirements: (1) roller parts and welding seam should not produce damage and crack, fit place shall not loose.
(2) the axial displacement of the stick should not be greater than 1.5mm.
5 equipped with rubber ring, both sides of the retaining ring and then welding.
6 the assembly should be flexible, the assembly size in the drawing requirements.
7 weeks on both sides of the installation site with grease maintenance.
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