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What are the core parts of roller accessories
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Roller accessories reasonable structure, reliable sealing. Roller accessories are equipped with two seals, high manufacturing accuracy, the surface is coated with a special grease, can be useful to avoid dust, gas, liquid and other corrosive medium into the roller inside, damaged roller bearing. The outstanding sealing function of roller accessories makes it not in the same development and application, to ensure its excellent use effect and value.
Roller accessories have wear resistance, long service life. Roller roller body of the polymer material, its mechanical function is similar to the bronze, with excellent wear resistance, and has a good self-lubricating function, not to hurt the belt. The processing precision of the roller accessories mainly refers to the concentricity of the two holes in the shell and the supporting roller, and the machining accuracy of the axial dimension of each component. If the concentricity is too bad, will cause the rolling bearing to kill, add resistance, reduce the service life. The roller accessories manufacturing technology will affect the dynamic load of the roller, the root cause of the movement is the roller shell wall thickness and shell radial jump to the. The roller accessories can be used for the main effect and value in the application of the roller.
So what are the core parts of roller accessories? Here to introduce you.
The radial circular runout, axial load, axial displacement and drop test of the roller accessories are also the performance index of the roller standard. These indicators, with the general production capacity of enterprises can do, but it is not the key technology roller. Roller core technology is divided into at least two items:
The first core technology of roller accessories is the manufacturing precision of roller. Before 1995, the roller is made of cast iron bearing seat, the two ends of the tube body processing step hole, interference pressing production; after 1995, gradually improved by pressing the bearing seat, both ends of the tube body processing small step hole, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding production. The two processes are not guaranteed each roller bearings on both ends of the coaxial position is less than or equal to 0. 05mm, not only the roller rotation resistance, bearing life is greatly reduced.
Roller accessories second core technology is the roller tube body corrosion and wear resistance. In the iron and steel industry, coke, sinter, pellet, steel slag wear is very serious,. Roller 5mm thick steel tube body, wear off cycle is the shortest only ten days, an average of 6 months; in the coal mine, according to the different sulfur water roller, steel tube body, every month the most serious corrosion of nearly 1mm, generally 0. Around 3mm. Roller accessories are often seen in the coal mine bearings and other well, the wear and corrosion of the roller tube body is a mess, appalling"
How to layout the roller, planning appropriate roller distance, the number used to cut roller, drop machine price, cut investment, operation and protection costs, improve economic efficiency, the processing technology of roller parts is one of the main aspects. Roller accessories can be used in the roller in the performance of the main effect and value, can be used to support the use and protection of roller, to assist the user in the protection of the roller when the main performance and value.
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