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Roller bearing seat repair process and speed limit
Clicks:29904 Date:4-19
Roller bearing seat repair process and speed limit
The bearing is used to allow the shaft along the circumference of the supporting shaft and operation, the conventional usage is two or more than two bearing, its role is to make the normal operation of the shaft, and the roller bearing seat is used to support the bearing, the bearing outer ring is fixed to the inner ring outer ring, just turn to remain stationary, consistent with the transmission the direction (such as motor running direction), and keep the balance of the bearing is one of the most important parts in modern mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient in the process of movement, and to ensure its rotation accuracy.
According to the friction properties of the different components, bearings can be divided into two categories: rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Rolling bearing has been standardized, serialized, but compared with the sliding bearing radial size, vibration and noise, the price is higher.
Rolling bearings are generally composed of four parts: outer ring, inner ring, rolling body and cage. According to the shape of the rolling body, rolling bearings are divided into two categories: ball bearings and roller bearings. Bearing classification, sliding bearings, sliding bearings without inner and outer rings and no rolling body, generally made of wear-resistant materials. Commonly used in low speed, heavy load and filling lubricating oil and maintenance of mechanical rotation. The sliding contact surface of the joint bearing is spherical, which is mainly suitable for swing motion, oblique motion and rotary motion. Rolling bearing, the rolling bearing can be divided into radial bearing and thrust bearing according to the load direction or nominal contact angle. The radial contact bearing is a radial bearing with a nominal contact angle of 0, and the centripetal angular contact bearing is a centripetal bearing with a nominal contact angle greater than 0 to 45. The axial contact bearing is a thrust bearing with a nominal contact angle of 90, and the thrust angular contact bearing is a thrust bearing with a nominal contact angle greater than 45 but less than 90.
According to the shape of the rolling body can be divided into ball bearings and roller bearings. According to the types of roller roller bearings: cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings and spherical roller bearing.
According to the work can be divided into aligning - self-aligning bearing raceway is spherical shape, can adapt to the two rolling bearing channel angular deviation between the axis lines and angular movement and non self-aligning bearing (rigid bearing) - bearing raceway axis line impedance angle offset.
According to the number of rolling elements are divided into single row bearings, double row bearings and multi row bearings.
According to the separation of parts (rings) can be divided into separable bearings and non separable bearings.
According to its structural shape (if there is no filling slot, with or without the inner and outer rings and the shape of the ring, the structure of the retaining edge, or even a cage, etc.) can also be divided into a variety of structural types.
According to the diameter size divided into miniature bearings (26mm), small bearings (28-55mm), small and medium-sized bearings (60-115), large bearing (120-190mm), large bearing (200-430mm) and oversize bearing (>440mm).
According to the application areas are divided into motor bearings, rolling mill bearings, spindle bearings, etc..
According to the material is divided into ceramic bearings, plastic bearings, etc..
Bearing role: its role should be supported, that is, the literal interpretation of the bearing axis, but this is only part of its role, its essence is to support the radial load. Can also be understood as it is used to fix the shaft. Bearing fast and easy automatic selection. It is the fixed axis that enables it to rotate only while controlling its axial and radial movement. Motor can not work without bearings. Because the shaft may move in any direction, and the motor shaft rotation can only work. Could not achieve the transmission effect, speaking theoretically not only that, the bearing will also affect the transmission, in order to reduce this effect must achieve good lubrication in the bearings of high speed shaft, the bearing itself has some lubrication, called pre lubricated bearings, and most of the bearings must be responsible for the lubricating oil in the high-speed operation, because friction will not only increase the energy consumption, more terrible is very easy to damage the bearing. The idea of sliding friction into rolling friction is one-sided, because there is something called a sliding bearing.
Lubrication of rolling bearing lubrication: mesh reduce friction and wear of bearing inside, to prevent burning stick; prolong the service life; the discharge of the frictional heat, cooling, to prevent overheating of bearing lubricating oil, to prevent their own aging; also prevent foreign body bearing, or prevent rust and corrosion effects.
Lubrication: bearing lubrication method, divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. In order to make the bearings to play a good function, first of all, to choose suitable conditions, the use of the purpose of lubrication. If you only consider lubrication, the lubrication of oil lubrication. However, the grease lubrication can simplify the structure of the bearing around the special advantages of grease lubrication and oil lubrication. Lubrication should pay special attention to the amount of use, whether it is oil or grease lubrication, the amount of lubrication is not sufficient to fully affect the bearing life, too much will produce large resistance, the impact of speed.
Seal: bearing seal can be divided into two kinds of built-in seal and external seal. The so-called bearing is sealed with the bearing itself into a sealing performance of the device. Such as bearing with dust cover, sealing ring, etc.. The utility model has the advantages of small space occupation, convenient installation and disassembly, and low cost. The so-called bearing and sealing performance device, is installed in the end cover and so on into a variety of internal performance of the sealing device. Bearing seal is divided into two types of non-contact seal and contact seal. The non-contact seal is suitable for high speed and high temperature
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